Adeshola A. Ojora

Co-founder / director

Shola is one of the founding partners of ROSA Check. His career started in the legal field, and from there he went on to work two of Nigeria’s biggest sectors, notably energy and real estate development.

Having been raised and educated in the UK most of his life, especially during an era where technology and digitization of information were making enormous strides in the West, Shola sought ways to make his contribution to Nigeria, and by expansion the West Coast of Africa by employing these modern tools.

In 2011, Shola wanted to take advantage of the surge in the online market that was fast becoming the most popular way to trade in Nigeria. He invited the number 1 property portal, to partner with him.

Faced with the challenges of finding suitable staffing for the venture, he quickly realized that there was need to carry out a more effective way in terms of screening and verifying potential candidates. The issues with false or incorrect documentations, referees and CVs laid seeds to the forming ROSA. The domestic staff front fared no better in this regard.

Teaming up with Rowen Atkinson, they explored a range of issues that allowed employers to get to know their staff better; to whittle out and discourage dishonest employees, and how to highlight and promote good and honest employees.