Keystar shines at Eliwell event

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Keystar Industries SA (Pty) Ltd was recently awarded special recognition at an international convention by Eliwell, for the work done to promote and support the Eliwell range of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning products in the Southern African Region.

We have been the sole Eliwell partner in the region since 2002 and we’ve made steady progress in becoming the leader in these fields. Our product knowledge and technical support have been at the forefront of our success.

We’ve also been at the cutting edge with the integration of the various Schneider Electric divisions, promoting the many synergies that exist between the varied divisions of Schneider Electric.

This recognition was well received by all Eliwell partners around the world and is a huge motivation for Keystar for the future in the area.

Congratulations to the Keystar team and we look forward to even greater refrigeration success in the future!